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Leonie Pape  MAR BSc Hons



Tel: 07791653802          email:   leoniepape@hotmail.com

Leonie is a fully qualified and experienced Complementary Practitioner, practising since 2001.  A graduate of Greenwich University in 2007 with a Degree in Complementary Therapies, Leonie has a good insight and understanding of how Complementary Therapies fits into society today. Further enhancing her knowledge and gaining additional qualifications, Leonie regularly attends Continuing Professional Development courses to keep abreast of current skills and practice. Additional qualifications include the practice of Reflexology in Pregnancy and Childbirth, Vertical Reflex Therapy and Spinal Reflexology. Leonie is a Full Member of the UK Association of Reflexologists working to the Codes and Ethics set by the Association

Is the application of finger and thumb pressure to specific points on the hands/feet.
Using varied pressure and massage techniques, which Reflexologists believe
correspond to different areas of the body. It can be used to help promote deep relaxation
and to ease a variety of health conditions including stress, digestive,
respiratory and hormonal symptoms.

Reflexology – Maternity

 natural alternative to help support women throughout their pregnancy for relaxation and for helping with both physical and emotional changes, Reflexology aims to help revitalise and energise the body and promote a healthy pregnancy, birth and recovery.

Baby Toddler Reflex

Parents learn specially adapted Reflexology techniques to use on their own babies or
toddlers to help ease symptoms and help to calm and relax them.

Vertical Reflex Therapy

Vertical Reflex Therapy is
 a unique technique where feet and hands are treated in a standing, weight-bearing position. The body is more receptive to healing energies when feet are standing and allow access to deeper reflexes. Combining VRT with conventional Reflexology, when used on a weekly basis has shown excellent results.

Indian Head Massage
A massage for the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face which helps to release
stress and tension. It can also be used to help ease headaches and sinuses
along with stimulating hair growth.

Ear Candling

Ear candling may be used for a variety of ear, nose and throat
conditions. A gentle warm heat helps to draw out impurities from the ear whilst
also stimulating blood and lymph circulation in the surrounding areas. Good for
helping to clear/unblock congestion


The Japanese word translated as ‘universal life force’, Reiki is hands on healing where a Reiki Practitioner acts as a channel for energy to help promote healing,
harmony and balance. Used for support during times of stress to help clear the
mind and enhance wellbeing.

For appointments and further information please contact:



Leonie Pape  MAR BSc Hons



Tel: 07791653802



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