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Albina Grigaliuniene

Professionally qualified, experienced, fully insured Massage Therapist        

The Fitness Clinic 
109 Humber Road Blackheath 
Greenwich SE3 7LW 
SE London

Mobile 07815 016 028




Massages Treatment Menu:


Holistic/Swedish massage

Deep Tissue massage

Anti-cellulite massage

Lymphatic drainage massage

Cupping Therapy

Hot Stone massage

Pregnancy massage

Natural Lift Facial Massage

Rejuvenating Facial Treatment with Galvanic System 

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 Guided Relaxation

with Natalie Smith


+44 (0)7764 944 796


About Natalie

Natalie thinks that as much as we human beings need human contact, in this busy, crowded 21st Century society we also need space. Space to breathe, space to empty our minds, space to process our own thoughts. She also believes in the strong connection between mind and body, one supporting the other in a continuous circle of sympathy and strength.

Currently completing a Masters degree in Integrative Psychotherapy, Natalie is dedicated to supporting people to find the space they need, and helping individuals discover how to make best use of that space for themselves.


Relaxation classes

Relaxation classes are a great way to create space and to discover what happens to the body and mind as they are permitted to take a break from their own rat-race of supporting a busy life. Through the classes, Natalie hopes to help participants realise their own calm, bringing the body and mind back in to balance in a sustainable, easy to follow way.

Relaxation is ultimately about letting go. Thankfully you don’t need to wait for a holiday from work or a weekend without the kids to achieve it and you don’t need to set aside a lot of time to allow yourself to get there.

If you are struggling to clear your head, manage a busy schedule, get off to sleep at night or just feel the need for a five minute break from the adrenalin-fuelled rollercoaster of life then you are sure to enjoy and benefit from relaxation classes.

This is not about exercise or spirituality, it won’t test your strength orflexibility and it won’t make demands of your body. It will help your body and mind recover from a stressful day, a day spent at a computer in a chair, non-stop energy sapping meetings or chasing family to keep up with their needs.

Through half an hour of easy to follow stretching, breathing and relaxing you will achieve a physical and mental peace. As you leave the studio you will be able to handle the rest of your evening with a maintainable calm and wake up thenext morning refreshed and ready for a new day ahead.


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