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Cheryl says:  

Albina has been amazing. I first went to Albina for a massage when my son was 4 months old and has had 4 treatments. With pregnancy and carry a baby my body was full of aches and pains but after the wonderful massages my back feels open and many of the aches and pains have subsided. Thank you Albina


I have had about six of these treatments with Albina now and I must say I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin - especially around my eyes and on my forehead where my wrinkles are much smoother. My skin generally looks much more glowing and healthy as a result of the treatments too - although that could partly be due to the wonderful face and scalp massage I get at the same time! Albina is amongst the best massage therapist I've ever hand. I don't know about Albina's hands - I suspect she has healing hands! Highly recommended.

Westcombe Park Road, London.

17 May 2012 



I have been attending Galina's clinic both for treatments and pilates classes for roughly 3 years.

Galina is an excellent , intuitive and compassionate practitioner. She gets to the problem immediately and works on it in a way that releases and starts the healing process. She knows exactly how much she can do in one session and sends me away with clear instructions as to what to do at home in order to maximise my treatment. She is a wonderful Osteopath and Pilates teacher.

I have total confidence in her.


Statement of appreciation

In August 2010 I had almost given up the thought of ever being pain free. I had suffered from back pain for a number of years and with prolapsed discs at L4 & L5 the surgery that was being proposed started to seem like the only plausible option.

Whilst I managed the pain using anti-inflammatory and pain killers I considered all the options. Someone mentioned that Pilates can bring some relief for bad backs. I felt like I needed to give this a shot before I gave into surgery. However I was only expecting to reduce some of the constant pain. What I wasn’t expecting is to have met someone like Galina, whose holistic attitude to her work has transformed my life. This may sound gushy but it’s true.

When I first met Galina my body was very inflexible, rigid and in knots. I moved in a very restricted fashion and was always attempting to avoid pain by moving less and less. Galina has taught me to trust my body and its capabilities; she developed specific exercise programs that suited my needs. She used manipulation and acupuncture to help my body to let go of its tension. The pain relief was incredible week by week I slowly began to feel better. The experience helped my body to find balance and the Pilates has reminded me of the bodies’ potential strength and ability. It also left me feeling so much more confident and the thought that I don’t have to be in pain for the rest of my life is something I am most grateful for.

The funny thing is that in the 18 years before I met Galina I had met lots of professionals: physiotherapist, osteopaths, masseurs, doctors & surgeons. Some just saw one aspect, some used my reliance on them and others just did their job. The difference with this experience was seeing the whole me and a determined commitment to a solution.

I will always be very grateful for all the freedom and joy this experience has given me.


I started coming to see Galina in 2008. I wanted to learn about getting better posture as my shoulders are quite slumped. What I learned about what so much more: how the body is all connected, how my core affected how I walked, how I walked affected my neck and all via an hourly group class. With everything I learned from Galina's weekly Pilates sessions I became stronger and gained confidence about what I could do with my body. So much so, that in 2009 I completed a marathon - running most of the way!


I have now completed two marathons, with Pilates being the key part of my training. I've also used Galina as an osteopath during my training - and the advice I've learned in these one-to-one sessions is just as good as the treatment I received. When I've really needed it, I've also had acupuncture - a real achievement for me as I am scared of needles. I would really recommend going to see Galina whatever you want help with. She has an amazingly holistic view of the body and mind and provided you're willing to listen and follow her advice, a better life will certainly follow.



I have been going to Pilates Plus+ for a year and it has become an essential part of my fitness routine. I first went to Pilates Plus+ with a recurring back problem. I loved Galina's holistic approach - she treated my back and introduced me to pilates helping me build core strength and prevent future problems. Since I started one-to-one pilates sessions with Galina, I have never looked back. I am stronger and fitter than ever. Galina a brilliant teacher and she is warm and incredibly friendly. Our weekly lessons are a pleasure - I love the exercise and catching up with her. She is inspirational both in terms of her knowledge and as a person. If you are curious about pilates, just go - you won't be disappointed.




Following 5 visits to Pilates Plus (Galina Bell) my back pain and sciatica (caused by a prolapsed disc) is all but vanished. The service has been unparalleled to any other therapy I've received (and I've been trying to sort my back out for over 5 years - so I came with more than a little scepticism). Each step of my recovery has been aided by Galina's ability to tailor my therapy - the biggest difference is the fact that she listens to what both I and my body are saying. If you're willing to put in the hard work and dedication needed to restore your health, I cannot recommend Pilates Plus strongly enough!